Art Created by Industrial Robots with Chainsaws... and Quill Pens!


Check out this video showing a six-axis industrial robot fitted with an electric chainsaw. It can create 3D sculptures, or furniture out of a solid log of wood.


The title of the video translates as "kkaarrlls for real forrest." Kkaarrlls is a German design studio focused on creating art in novel ways. Like giant chainsaw wielding robots.

Of course, that's not the only robot artist out there. Below is a 6-axis industrial robot that uses a digital camera and white-board to create portraits:

Here's what the ‘bot can do: With a digital camera mounted on its arm, it snaps its subject's picture, then by using edge-processing software converts that person's face into co-ordinates, ready to be transferred to paper. Equipped with a pencil, the robot proceeds to draw a line-based portrait. [Digital Trends]

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And here's an art project where an industrial robot wrote out the entire 66 books of The Bible in only 9 months of continuous work. I bet I could have photocopied it in half the time. Monks used to transcribe the bible by hand before the advent of printing the press. Can you imagine how long it would take a human to do this?

To quote from the creators of the art project 'bios [bible]':

An industrial robot writes handwritten with a quill pen down the bible on rolls of paper. With precision, the machine from the calligraphic Linen, and leaves as a monk in the monastic scriptorium, gradually the Text arise. Starting with the Old Testament and the books of Moses produced ‘bios [bible]‘ in nine months without interruptions the entire work. All 66 books of the Bible are written on rolls and then stored as literary works in the library of the installation. ‘bios [bible]‘ is concerned with questions of faith and technical progress.

Industrial robots are basically robotic arms mounted to a pedestal that can do various industrial tasks such as placing parts, welding and machining. Here's a video that explains how a 6-axis Industrial Robot works:

And from one of my favorite shows, How It's Made, here is how a robot arm is made:

[via kkaarrlls and Geekosystem]

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