Art Lebedev Designing Wireless Optimus Mini 3 3.0

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Art Lebedev and his Lebedevites are hard at work designing a follow-up to the Optimus Mini 3, a smaller, three-buttoned version of the Maximus keyboard we saw at CES. Here's what they're thinking: wireless, possibly Bluetooth, maybe AC-powered. People use this to control PowerPoint presentations (good idea, you can see what's coming up before others do) and would like to have it not tethered to the computer. No actual renders of prototypes yet, but Art says they're coming soon. [Optimus Blog]



Broken Machine

@ronnsprocket: Mine was $100 at the intro price. What this will do, that the iTouch would not, was work immediately and without running software (on it). It had elegant customizing software to allow you to have a multitude of options. it worked AMAZINGLY well (however, had a high pitched whine)

There is no doubt a Touch has the ability to do the same things, but but not at the same price. Currently, there is no software to do this. There is no tactile control feel on the Touch (I prefer feeling a button while driving). This may not work for you, but because the Touch exists, does not make this junk or a waste.