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We're keeping an eye on the Art.Lebedev Studio here, and the Russian designers/teasers are typing up a new blog that's a bit frustrating, doling out confusing bits of disinformation and making up mysterious new words. Case in point: what is an "Upravlator?" Maybe a larger mini three? However, there's one tiny little piece of news that eeked out, a few precious details about its upcoming Optimus Keyboard, that precious input device pictured above with a video screen for each key:

It may be worth noting that our full-fledged keyboard went into production cycle about a month ago. We are going to start accepting pre-orders around December 2006 with shipping date after Spring 2007.


After Spring, 2007? That's a long, long time from now. From the sound of it, we shouldn't be expecting anything until at least late June 2007. Sigh.

Life and Incredible Adventures of Optimus Keyboards [Art.Lebedev Studios]