Art Lebedev's Optimus Mini Six Keyboard May Be Down, But Isn't Out

Illustration for article titled Art Lebedevs Optimus Mini Six Keyboard May Be Down, But Isnt Out

After being hit with delays, Art Lebedev's scaled-down Optimus keyboard, the Mini Six, has finally hit the production line, the company confirmed via their LiveJournal (yes, really.)


With miniature LCDs for each of the six programmable keys, it will surely be a lot more affordable then the Optimus Maximus follow-up, the Optimus Popularis—which unsurprisingly is still delayed, but due for 2012. [LiveJournal via SlashGear]

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I have been looking for a small, programmable keypad.

Lately, I've been doing a lot of on-line gaming, and I end up with 2 different voice servers running at once. I can set different PPT buttons for each app, but those buttons still get in the way of what I'm doing.

having a device like this would be perfect, as I could set the buttons on the keypad to act as PTT for my voice apps while still keeping the keyboard free for actual keyboarding.