Art That Makes You Fear For Your Life

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I'm glad I only discovered Alex Posada's "Particle 1.0" on the internet, because if I came across this kinetic sculpture in real life, I would only do two things: duck and cover.

Created in Barcelona, Posada's sculpture uses all sorts of unique gadgetry to respond to its environment, translating the movement around it into a terrifying spectacle of light and sound.


A pair of sensors above the sculpture detect exhibit-goers' movements and relays them to several LED lights, spinning on a concentric structure resembling an atomic diagram. A surround sound system in the exhibit space is synchronized with the lights.

What does all of that tech amount to? A spinning, whirring neon orb that looks like some sort of bomb, moments after detonation. Or an alien pod, hovering menacingly. Or some other thing that's threatening my life. All I know is that art appreciation has never been scarier. [Designboom]