Artist Births Jedi In Seven Months Flat

Robert Burden, the time lapse painter who's graced Gizmodo before with his He-Man Battle Cat and Voltron paintings, is back. The latest is "Birth of a Jedi." And no, that's not a third leg coming out of the Tauntaun.


The oil on canvas painting took seven months to complete, and measures an impressive 10'x7'. Toward the end o the video you get a few closeups of the characters used in the painting, and again, impressive is the word—I just hope the return on investment was worth it!

Update: Since some of you asked, and they wrote me just now, I'm happy to report that the music in this video is available for free at Blackstone Heist. [Robert Burden]



That was awesome. I liked his he-man on as well. Now I'm excited and sad. Excited over the Thunder Cats, but sad because it will be like 7 months away.

Giz, please send an update when he is finished.