At Gizmodo Gallery: A Never Seen Before Tokyoflash Watch

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As if the 3,800-piece Lego Death Star wasn't enough to get me excited, the Giz crew is going to be sporting Tokyoflash Watches at the Gizmodo Gallery. Not only we will have Tokyoflash watches a go go, but also a new Tokyo Watch that hasn't been released yet, the Kisai Tenmetsu. (That's not it above!)


We can't show it to you yet, but the quality is very good, with a face full of transparent acrylic lens what give the LEDs inside a sweet diffuse effect. According to them, it's their best ever.


We'll have a few on display, and you will be able to see them, you can touch them, you can lick them. And then ask for the time.

[Thanks to REED ANNEX and thanks to our benefactor]

Gizmodo Gallery
Reed Annex
151 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002

Gizmodo Gallery Reader Meetup
The reader meetup takes place across the street from the Gallery, at a place called The Annex (not to be confused with REED ANNEX where the gallery is hosted.) The address is 152 Orchard Street and we'll be there at 9 PM SHARP on Friday December 5th.

Gallery Dates:
December 4th-7th

12/4 Thursday

12/5 Friday

12/6 Saturday

12/7 Sunday

[Read more about our Gizmodo Gallery here and see what else we'll be playing with at the event.]


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Watches are clunky anachronistic shackles that only do one thing, are outperformed by inexpensive, versatile, ubiquitous cell phones, and are already half-buried in the graveyard of dead tech.