At-Home Fertility Test Turns Your Smartphone Into World's Squirmiest Sea-Monkey Tank

It’s one thing to hear about Michael Phelps winning a gold medal. It’s quite another to actually see him do it.

That’s the basic premise of YO Sperm Test, an “FDA-cleared” at-home fertility test that uses slides and a smartphone peripheral to both film your swimmers and measure their concentration in your, um, sample.

“In just a few minutes—without any sperm touching your phone—you can run your own, private, FDA-cleared YO home sperm test,” boasts the company in a promotional video. “Watch your own sperm home video by minimizing the screen. Stretch the screen to enlarge your sperm.”

While certainly gimmicky, the $50 test that goes on sale this week does claim one advantage: By specifically measuring motile (that is, moving) sperm, YO hopes to provide more useful information than other at-home tests that analyze the concentration of all sperm cells.


When it comes to male fertility, however, several other important factors (including sperm shape and vitality) can only be measured by a commercial-grade semen analyzer or a specialist performing manual analysis. But how many of them have them have their own sperm-themed smartphone game?

“While you wait, why not take the YO Sperm Trivia Challenge?” asks the company. Why not, indeed.


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