AT&T and Sprint 3G Versions of Nexus One In the Works

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Separate pieces of evidence have popped up lately that point to Nexus One being available through AT&T and Sprint, possibly in the near future.


While it's already possible to purchase an unlocked Nexus One—albeit for $530—to date you'd be unable to run it on AT&T or Sprint's 3G network. That's because while the Nexus One supports GSM radio frequency bands, it only supports T-Mobile's 3G network in the United States.

What's changed? For starters, an FCC filing from Google for a Nexus One that will run on WCDMA Bands I, II and V, which are the bands that AT&T and several Canadian carriers use for 3G data. If you tried to use your Nexus one on AT&T today, you'd be relegated to EDGE or 2.5G. Not good!

As for a Sprint version, there have been rumblings for a while, but a recent inquiry to Sprint Customer Solutions about Nexus One availability garnered the following response:

Thank you for contacting Sprint regarding the nexus one.

Unfortunately, this handset model is not on offer as of now.

Once it is launched, you will see promotional campaigns related to the
launch date, cost and the features of the handset on our Web site and
other promotional media.

Thank you for showing interest in our products & services. Please let us
know if you would like us to assist you with anything else.

Emphasis added, and seemingly confirmation that the Nexus One will be coming to Sprint.

And honestly, it should. The unlocked purchase option is a fine idea to get the device in as many people's hands as possible, but it's totally impractical for the price, especially with no 3G support from other carriers. [FCC via CNET]




Fuckers! I'm up for a new sprint phone in 2 months, and now I'm gonna have to wait for this.