AT&T Black Friday Offers 50% Off Phones Not the iPhone

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If you're looking to save some money without standing in line, AT&T's offering a Black Friday deal all weekend. Featuring 50% off a slew of phones—sorry, as the headline said, no iPhone—customers only need sign a two-year agreement and wait for the mail-in rebate. It's just like buying a phone on a normal weekend, except you save a little more cash. Here are your deals:

Samsung a737 - $24.99
Sony Ericsson w580i - $24.99
BlackBerry Curve 8310 - $99.99
Pantech Duo - $99.99
Motorola RAZR 2 V9 - $149.99

Anyone planning on buying a phone this weekend? The only handset I have in mind for the time being works on a free, wired network and involves two cans—their delicious pumpkin innards transcended to pie status through holy baked reincarnation. [bgr]