AT&T: iPhone 3G Internet Use Below Expectations. Us: Guess Whose Fault That Is

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Although leading up to the iPhone 3G's launch, AT&T was coy about how hard they expected their network to get slammed, AT&T CTO John Donovan reveals that they expected a 5x growth in data consumption vs. the old iPhone. However, the spike has been barely more than half of that, about 3x. That wouldn't have anything to do with its prolific problems would it?

Because believe us, it wasn't for lack of trying. And even supposing that people really did just happen to not use their phone as much as you expected, it's not like AT&T's network did a great job keeping up with that oh-so-meager demand in some cities. Sure, a solid portion of the problems fell squarely on Apple's side of the bed, but it's clear that AT&T's network isn't up to snuff in plenty of spots. (Have you ever tried using an iPhone 3G in NYC's Union Square?)


So, get back to us after you make good on your promises to make everything less sucky, and then talk about meeting expectations. [Alley Insider]