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Being a soldier of fortune, the words "early termination" mean sumthin' different to me. Like death, maybe. Now then, if my buddies and me were still fixin' problems with bad jivin' people, mobile carriers such as at&t might be high up on our list. But now those money-grabbin' overlords at what you've been callin' the Death Star have changed their tune—maybe they heard the AT&Team was after them—and, from May 25, will offer pro-rated terminations. At the moment you're meant to stump up $175 to blast your contract into no-man's land, but this will reduce by five bucks each month. Looks like they're copy-cattin' what Verizon did back in 2006. Still nothin' from Sprint and T-Mobile. I said, still nothing from Sprint and T-Mobile. [Consumerist]


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