AT&T's 4G Face Off: Let Us Merge With T-Mobile or Your Mobile Internet Will Totally Suck

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As PC Mag's Sascha Segan points out, Sprint's fighting the AT&T-Mobile merger "state by state, city by city, block by block, house by house." AT&T is not taking kindly to it, asking, "Does Sprint Really Care About West Virginia"?

AT&T is trying to bring the latest and fastest mobile Internet service to most of the citizens of West Virginia. Since Sprint is trying to stop that, we hope state officials will ask Sprint what its own plans are for bringing LTE speeds to the people of West Virginia. We suspect Sprint either has no such plan, or that its own plans pale in comparison to AT&T's. In either case, we're confident West Virginians will see Sprint's filing for what it is – a cynical effort to hurt a competitor, even if the ones truly hurt are the many people of West Virginia who would be denied the fast mobile Internet speeds they need and want."

Translation: Citizens! This merger must go through, or you will be doomed to terrible mobile internet from us forever!

Part of the plan for T-Mobile's spectrum, and AT&T's big bargaining chip with the FCC on the merger, is its promise to blanket the land—even the rural places, like WV—in 4G internet service.


I actually kind of admire AT&T's ruthlessness here—it's totally willing to hold its own services and customers hostage in its public messaging to make this deal happen. [AT&T]

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What's with all the anti-West Virginia sentiment on here? What have us West Virginian's ever done to any of you guys to warrant this? I know most of you probably think we are backward mountaineers here, that might be the case that a lot of people in WV are technologically backwards . On that I dont have any reliable information. Honestly can you just automatically lump us all into this stereotype? Using that logic can we say that everyone from Detroit is a murderer? Or everyone from Florida is an old retired person? Or maybe everyone in California is a hippy tree hugger? I thought the people on this site were a bit more open minded. I suppose my stupid WV mind was incorrect in this summation however.