AT&T's Data Prices Get Slightly Less Brutal

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As of Sunday, AT&T is going to have some new data plans on offer. It's not some super-sweet double-data-deal, but it doesn't suck either. Basically, you can add a gig of data to your plan for five bucks.


Here's how it breaks down:

Old plan: 2GB for $25
New plan: 3GB for $30

Old plan: 4GB for $45 (with mobile hotspot / tethering)
New plan: 5GB for $50

Those apply to smartphones and tablets, regardless of 3G/4G HSPA+/LTE. There's also an updated baseline plan for smartphones:

Old plan: 200MB for $15
New plan: 300MB for $20

So, y'know, this is nothing revolutionary, but it does make AT&T's data prices just a little bit better. And don't worry, if you've already got a plan you're happy with you won't be forced to switch. Otherwise, you gotta wait til Sunday.[AT&T]



This is only good for the extremely narrow margin of people that use a 2-3GB on a regular basis.

For the vast majority of people who use less than 1GB, this is a price hike.

The 200-300mg plans are a joke. They are overpriced and they know people are too afraid of going over. It's just a smoke and mirrors plan to make it look like they're offering a lower tier option they know nobody will buy.