AT&T's First Android Phones: Five From Motorola, Dell and HTC

AT&T's first Android phones are official. A set of five from Motorola, Dell and HTC.

• A Motorola smartphone, powered by MOTOBLUR, with a unique form factor and an AT&T exclusive
• Dell's first smartphone, based on the Android platform and an AT&T exclusive
• A HTC smartphone, based on the Android platform, and an AT&T exclusive


Motorola's is up top, which is gonna be a MotoBlur phone. It'll be first out the gate, apparently. HTC's phones, plural, are going to be revealed later, not today, though they're all coming out in the first half of this year, so within the next couple of months. Dell's is going to be the Mini 3, which is also a new class of phone, a "nice phone":

This was inevitable. But the real question, after yesterday's Nexus One event: Will they be superphones? [ AT&T, AT&T]


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