Google Nexus One Liveblog

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Google's Nexus One: The Google Phone. It's being unveiled officially right now. We're here. Here's our liveblog page.


Check in bright and early to see what's coming, and see whether the leaked pricing details are really true, and whether anything's changed since our first hands on back in December. [Liveblog Page]

Watch it live here:

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So is this how google is going to make money off android? By being the middleman between HTC and the carrier? No wonder the unlocked price is at $530. How is google opening a phone store making things simpler? The current methods to get a phone from a carrier are not so arduous that I thought they really don't want my money (iphone excepted :). If you choose the carrier-subsidized version, then the cost of the phone is somehow divided between HTC, Google, and the Carrier? Great.

If they are going to need a specific version of the N1 for each carrier, then I really see no point not just have the carriers buy the phones directly from HTC and then sell directly to the cusomers (as currently done). Google didn't show any innovation on their dev phones over the same phones sold through the carriers so I doubt we're going to get the TRUE google experience with the N1 now.

Interesting hardware but as interesting as a $1000 apple tablet that I will not own.