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AT&T's LTE Plans, In Which "4G" Remains a Vague Cipher

Illustration for article titled ATTs LTE Plans, In Which 4G Remains a Vague Cipher

God bless Sascha Segan, who may be the most dogged reporter on carriers and networks around. In this episode, AT&T tells him its LTE plans. Some of its answers will make you punch a wall, because they are non-answers, like whether their LTE phones will work on Verizon's network. But a couple things remain of note.


For instance! I want you to read this answer very carefully, and pretend you are not someone who reads Gizmodo regularly:

Our advertising makes it clear that "4G" (offered through our HSPA+ network) and "4G LTE" are different things. We are currently advertising 4G LTE only in markets where our 4G LTE service has launched.


Why yes! It's so obvious what the difference between 4G HSPA+ and 4G LTE is. In other words, 4G marketing is going to continue to require a degree in nerd to decipher.

But perhaps most relevant: AT&T's first LTE phone is coming this year. Obviously from HTC, Samsung, or Motorola, and probably running Android. More here: [PC Mag]

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Organized Chaos

You can't blame the carriers entirely for the whole "4G" confusion, and you surely can't solely blame AT&T. Some of the blame falls on uneducated customers. If you're not tech savvy enough to know the difference (which most probably aren't) then it doesn't matter if you have AT&T or Verizon (or one of the others). Many people think that just because they go out and buy a 4G capable phone, that they're automatically using 4G service. And they're not all AT&T customers. My g/f's coworker bought the Evo 4G for Sprint when it first came out and bragged to everyone in the office that she was on 4G. Buzzzzz!! No you're not, hotshot, because the nearest 4G service was 40 miles away.

I'd agree that maybe AT&T's advertising isn't as clear to differentiate the two as they claim, but it's not like Verizon is any better. They advertise their 4G phones and have no problem selling you one whether you're in a 4G service area or not, but it's not like they're clear & up front about it possibly not working in your area as 4G.

Giz vilifies AT&T a lot, and I'm not trying to say they're completely innocent, but Verizon's hands are just as dirty.