ATIs 1GB FireGL V7350

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The battle between ATI and nVidia just stepped up a notch with the introduction of the ATI FireGL V7350 GPU. The V7350 s claim to fame is that it is the first GPU to boast a full 1GB of memory. Meant for workstations, the card features ATI s Avivo video and display technology, which increases the color depth to 10-bit and allows for a color palette of over a billion colors. Born of the 90nm design process, the V7350 also has a 512-bit ring bus speed. How much would you pay for such a card? Well, $1999 is the price that Alienware et al. are looking for. Looks like it s time to take a second mortgage.

ATI Intros First 1GB Graphics Accelerator [Bios Magazine]


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