Attractive Sunglasses Snap Together With Magnets, Not Screws

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Sick of all those times when a screw comes loose on your favorite frames and there’s not an itty-bitty repair kit in sight? Feast your eyes on the Alessi’s new Kompas collection, a series of stylish glasses that hinge with no-fuss magnetic inserts, eliminating the need for spare parts or tightening over time.

Though it's usually focused on homewares and kitchen appliances, Alessi has made forays into watches and jewelry over the past few years. But eyewear is a new experiment for the brand, especially in such unusual form.

Belgian born, Hong Kong-based Frédéric Gooris designed the titanium and acetate shades to fit nearly any face, with adjustable, non-Navin PVC nosepads for extra comfort. Apparently the magnets allow them to flip open with an easy-peasy one-handed flick as well, making for a quick, cool maneuver when the sun gets too bright. There are lots of styles and colors available for purchase here. [Alessi]

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can the magnets screw up your brain... serious question..