Audio Peacock Struts Its Stuff Around In Search of Perfect Audio

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The Audio Peacock is the invention of Benoît Maubrey, a Germany-based artiste who makes weird junk for a living. Among the many pieces of art on his Web site is the Audio Peacock, a wearable sound system of sorts that combines plexiglass, 16 loudspeakers, amps and plenty of batteries. As you can see by this artistic picture, the whole apparatus resembles—though just barely—a giant peacock, or so the inventor says.

The "plumage" can either amplify its own sounds or you can pipe in external sounds for a one-man Audio Peacock extravaganza. Even better, four of these peacocks can be linked together ("acoustically choreographed") to create a "mobile quadraphonic loudspeaker system," or, a big, Voltron-like Audio Peacock bent on world domination.

Audio Clothes [Benoît Maubrey - Die Audio Gruppe via Music thing]