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Audio-Technica is releasing its ATH-EQ330 clip-on headphones in Japan this November. While they might not look as attractive as some of the company's previous headphones, these do have a number of features that might interest those who wish to replace their dreadful Apple earbuds, but not for an arm and a leg.


What does the big A-T offer you with this pair? The answer appears to be size: the headphones are both lightweight (0.77 ounces) and trumpet an ear-cushioning foam pad, which hopefully actually add to the comfort instead of just being there for show. Both earphones come with a sliding axis that should make adjustment less cumbersome.


When released later this year, you'll find them in blue, silver, sky blue, pink and white. Since they're quite inexpensive at only $14, you might as well buy a bunch of them so they can match your many dresses.

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