Augmented Reality Muppets Band-Aids Distract Your Kids From Pain

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We make no secret of our love for Muppets, so we're psyched that these new augmented reality Band-Aids are bringing our favorite stop-motion puppets into the 21st century.


The new Band-Aids work with a free "Magic Vision" AR app for iOS. When your wee one snaps a photo of the Muppets Band-Aid covering their ouchie, the app presents them with fun interactive animations that'll help turn their pain into smiles. A new generation of Muppets fans and your kids aren't crying anymore. Win-win! One small quibble though: Please make sure your kids only use an iPhone to take pictures of the Band-Aids. We'd hate to see the leaders of tomorrow indoctrinated into the dark art of iPad photography. [iTunes and Band-Aid via PSFK]