Auto-Pause When You Fall Asleep Is the Best Netflix Hack

Falling asleep while watching Netflix is the worst. Invariably you miss all the meat of whatever you're watching, and snap awake to the closing credits (or your morning alarm). Ugh. But a bunch of Netflix engineers have a (theoretical) solution: a Fitbit hack that pauses your stream when the wearable senses you've fallen asleep.


Netflix's annual Hack Day pits Netflix engineers against each other to come up with wild, not-for-production ideas that let their nerd-creativity flourish. The Fitbit hack, put together by Sam Horner, Rachel Nordman, Arlene Aficial, Sam Park, and Bogdan Ciuca, uses the Fitbit's sleep tracking ability to pause and bookmark your streaming video when you've drifted off to snoozeland. When you return, you can pick up where you left off. And maybe bring a soda, sleepyhead.


Like all of the projects hatched from Netflix's Hack Day, this is simply a thought exercise, not something the company plans to bring to market. But we really wish they would, because this movie-induced narcolepsy is seriously impacting our ability to keep up with House of Cards. [Netflix Blog via Slashgear]

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Matt Novak

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