Autobots Going To Gotham City? Plus New Iron Man/Kick-Ass Posters And Revealing Doctor Who Pics!

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Michael Bay plans to film Transformers 3 on the Chicago street that represents Gotham City. There are new images/posters for Iron Man 2, Doctor Who and Kick-Ass. Syfy talks Being Human remake plans, and Grahame-Smith talks the Abraham Lincoln movie.


Transformers 3:

Businesses along Chicago's iconic Michigan Avenue, aka Magnificent Mile, have been told to prepare for Michael Bay to come and explode robot boobs all over their storefronts. This part of Chicago is especially famous for standing in for Gotham City — is Bay planning a Batman homage/tweak here? [ via TFW2005]

Iron Man 2:

And here's yet another somewhat boring poster for this film, featuring ScarJo turning her back to us, and a weird glowing figure that might be Iron Man in flight. [CinemaBlend]


Here are some new "character banners" for this movie, which look sort of like trophy heads. The Nic Cage one is freaking me out. [SpoilerTV-Movies]


Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter:

Novel author Seth Grahame-Smith says he's writing the screenplay of this movie for producer Tim Burton and a couple other producers. [Wicked Local via ShockTillYouDrop]


Toy Story 3:

And it turns out there are even more new toys we haven't heard about yet, including Chunk (who has spikes) and Chatter Telephone (who's self explanatory.) Behold posters. [CinemaBlend]


Doctor Who:

The new season is being featured all over Britain, including tons of magazine covers and articles, and the awesome BlogtorWho scanned in tons of them, including some neat details. Like a new picture of the Smilers, and Churchill with a Dalek, plus lots and lots of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. There are tons more awesome images at the link. [BlogtorWho]
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Season six writer Neil Gaiman tweeted:

Great meeting with Moffat & co. Spent 10 mins on how to rewrite the script for next series, 30 on fantasy casting. Ace new title sequence.




IGN just posted this interview with Ronald D. Moore, but I'm not sure when it actually took place. In any case, here's what he says to expect from this show:

The show is ultimately going to be based around these two families - the Graystones and the Adamas - and shows how the Cylons were created, which leads to this society being destroyed. In specific terms their respective families will continue to be drawn together and drawn into conflict with each other as the show develops. Over the course of the season you'll see more and more revelations about characters that you think you know from the pilot but discover have various secrets and back stories. There are various twists and turns that'll keep you continually guessing.



Being Human, U.S. Version:

Syfy's David Howe talks about the U.S. remake of this British classic, which is being written by Supernatural's Jeremy Carver as well as Anna Fricke:

I think it's very difficult to adapt. I think it seems easy, but so much of that show depends on the chemistry and execution and otherwise it could really easily go off the rails. We hired some great writers and they are in them midst of adapting it and we're hoping to have it on air in the summer.



Ashes To Ashes:

The third season premiere is one of the show's strongest episodes — in the aftermath of Gene shooting Alex and her waking up in the present day, it takes her about 15 minutes to get back to 1983. Meanwhile, DCI Jim Keats is investigating Hunt in the wake of the shooting. For Hunt, three months have passed, and it hasn't been a happy time. We find out what happened next for Chris and Shaz, and get some much-needed comedic moments revolving around Ray and his relationship with Gene. The crime of the week is the kidnapping of a small girl, giving the episode an even darker cast. The Quattro gets a nice action sequence. And there's a character who'll have you thinking of The Dark Knight. The episode ends with a jolting cliffhanger that leaves you realizing there's going to be rough times for everyone coming up. [Den Of Geek]


And here is the BBC trailer and a new clip. [Den Of Geek]


The information in Charlie's flash-forward has a huge impact on the investigation. Says Sonya Walger:

The information Charlie has is so powerful that it forces a crisis between Olivia and Mark. Olivia offers him an ultimatum that he can't live up to.


I'm guessing it's something along the lines of "Have a facial expression other than frown/smirking for five seconds." [TV Guide]

Here are a buttload of clips from this week's "Better Angels," in which we go to Somalia. [SpoilerTV]


When Amanda Waller (Pam Grier!!) shows up in the April 9 episode, she's trying to recruit superhumans to join Checkmate to fight an upcoming alien invasion. (Pam Grier and alien invasion? I might have to start watching this show.) But she's also worried about Max Lord, her rival within Checkmate, who shows up in the April 23 episode with a plan to rid the Earth of metahumans, especially the Blur. Max Lord is gathering people who've seen the Blur and using his mind powers to compile a "cool 3-D model" of what the Blur looks like. But there's another player on the board, someone more powerful who "trumps" Max Lord. And meanwhile, in that April 23 episode, the double relationships Lois has with Clark and the Blur come to a head and everything that's built up between Lois and Clark explodes. [TV Guide Magazine via OSCK]


Someone is going to die in the season finale, airing May 14. It could be Chloe, who's not signed for season ten. Or Lana, who might come back just to die. Or Perry or Martha, who are making return appearances soon. Or Tess, Oliver or Zod. Basically, anybody but Lois or Clark. [EW]

Stargate Universe:

In Friday's new episode, any drama over the disappearance of Dr. Rush will take a back seat to the arrival of aliens, who aren't happy that the crew has invaded their corner of the universe. At least one member of the team is held captive on the aliens' ship, and the rescue mission will hold plenty of surprises for Col. Young. [TV Guide]



Damon Lindelof Tweeted that in one week, "the conversation is going to change." Your guess is as good as ours. [Twitter]


Elizabeth Mitchell talks about what's coming up for Juliet. [Jopinionated]

Someone emailed Jorge (Garcia, I'm guessing) and asked him if we'll learn the Man In Black's name. Jorge responded that "It will be discussed at some point." [SpoilersLost]


A Canadian promo is pretty similar to the U.S. one:




"Iron Man 3" in the intro paragraph?