Automatic Aluminum Can Crusher Is Eco- And Battery-Friendly

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It looks like a modded Roomba, but this prototype Automatic Aluminum Can Crusher will save you many forehead aches. It's BYOC (bring your own cans) with a long-lasting rechargeable battery and lotsa crunching sounds included every time you recycle.


It's not a novel idea to crush cans to 40% of their volume in order to recycle them, nor is it news that there's a gadget for it. What is of interest about this can crushing gadget is that it's automated and oriented toward households. Check out the video for a peek at the (rather durable looking) inner workings and you won't be surprised that it's great on battery life, too. Unlike my iPhone since a certain update. [Yanko Design]

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Eco? I don't think so. This thing took resources to build and also uses electricity for something that doesn't need it. In the end this thing is just something that itself will eventually end up in the land fill or have to be dismantled and recycled. It's a joke to call it "Eco".