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Autumn Yardwork's a Breeze With This Leaf Smooshing Rake

Illustration for article titled Autumn Yardworks a Breeze With This Leaf Smooshing Rake

You might think the cheap plastic rake you grabbed at the hardware store is more than adequate given you really only use it for about one month out of the year. But that's only because you haven't been introduced to Quirky's wonderful new Rake 'n' Tamp which not only wrangles leaves, it also tamps them down so you can squeeze as much as possible into every bag.


In full leaf gathering mode, the Rake 'n' Tamp's flexible stainless steel tines are spread wide so it grabs as much dead foliage as possible with each pass. But by unlocking a sliding mechanism on the handle, you can bring them together as a tamping plate extends all the way to the bottom.

Illustration for article titled Autumn Yardworks a Breeze With This Leaf Smooshing Rake

In this second mode the Rake 'n' Tamp becomes an effective tool for cramming as many leaves into a garbage bag as possible. Saving you from having to climb in there yourself and risk both an ankle injury and possibly stepping on something your dog left behind. And its $30 price tag is worth it entirely for the fact that when folded down this rake takes up next to no space while not in use the other eleven months of the year. [Quirky via Craziest Gadgets]

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I like the adjustable spread part of the rake (I already have a couple and love them, especially for tight spots between plants, etc.) but for the tamping down, maybe not so much. Here is my very useable (and cheap) way to do that: We have square lawn bags (probably 14") so I got a square of plywood just a little under that size and put it in the bag on top of the leaves and push it down, uniformly packing them down. This also allows me to get my foot on top and really apply pressure maximizing leaf to bag ratio. Works perfectly!