Avatar Screen Shots Bring The Otherworldly Battle To Earth

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Feast your motion-capture-hungry eyes on some new screen shots from James Cameron's Avatar video game. It's humans versus gigantic alien beasts — get ready for the pew pew sounds.


Thanks to The Daily Telegraph we now have a much better look into the revolutionary space war flick Avatar. Looks like James Cameron is bringing all sorts of hell to the idyllic planet Pandora. Here's the official synopsis:

In a distant future, humanity discovers the planet 'Alpha Centauri B-4', and for those scientists and astronauts who've traversed the gulf between neighboring suns and arrived on its alien soil know it as 'Pandora'..


I don't know about you but this jungle world is starting to remind me a little bit of this dinosaurs-with-guns website, which I'm completely on board for. Bring on the epic battle of the dino-alien-beasties — I'm ready, Cameron. Avatar will be in theaters December 15th.