Averatec N3400 Laptop: Cheap, Light and Aluminum

If Apple released a 13-inch, 3.8lb aluminum laptop for $799, we'd all be going freaking nuts. Just check out the specs:

• 2.16GHz Intel dual-core
• 13.3-inch WXGA, 3.8lbs, .4-.98 inches thick
• 250GB hard drive
• 3GB of memory
• Intel GMA X4500HD (OK, forget that part)
• External USB 8x DVD optical drive
• 3 USBs and memory card reader
• 802.11n and ethernet
• Microsoft Vista Home Premium (forget that part, too)


All-in-all, not a horrible looking little system for the price. Has anyone out there owned an Averatec rig before? [Press Release]


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