AviX DVP-370Vx is an In-Car DivX Player

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As if GPS navigation, iPod connections, and handsfree Bluetooth calls weren't distraction enough, Sarotech is going to launch the DVP-370Vx wireless in-car DivX player for the Asian market. [Insert Asian driver joke here].

The Sarotech player can play DivX, Xvid, MP3s and JPEGs—if you're about to die, why not have a slideshow of your family with you—and works with Windows, Mac and Linux. Since there's no screen on this thing, we're assuming this is wirelessly broadcasting video to whatever screen you've got in your car. The unit has English, Japanese and Chinese, so if you're really interested in DivX watching in your vehicle, feel free to import this whenever it's released. Just please drive somewhere far away from us.


Sarotech to launch in-car wireless DivX player 'AviX DVP-370Vx' [AVING]