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Avoid WiFi Hell: Worst Hotels for WiFi Service

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

What better service for our dear readers than telling you which hotels to avoid because of their world-class-awful WiFi service. The Hotel Chatter web site helped us out yesterday with a list of the best WiFi hotels, and follows that today with those that are best avoided.


Although the list is politely written, there are some surprises on it. Marriott Flagship is at the top for its inconsistency across its Residence Inn, Courtyard and other brands, not just for the bad quality of the connection but also the user-unfriendliness of it all. The Kor Hotel Group is second in line for bottom honors and then the big surprise, there sits that king of the boutiques, W Hotels in third place in this rogue's gallery. Read 'em and weep, innkeepers, and maybe fix things up for next year.

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