Aw Heck! An Atari 800 XE Laptop

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Yeah we know it's a few days old, but we're cool with saving the best for a Friday, ya dig? Ben Heck, maker of all systems portable and custom, has busted out his latest (and probably greatest) creation: An Atari 800 XE laptop. This baby sports old-school wood panelling, an 8" screen, a CF drive to act as the 16mb hard disk, full-sized keyboard, and a lot more geeky stuff. He's been slowly working on this laptop since 2003 and finished it only recently. That's some dedication to such an ancient system. Everything was painstakingly hand-made and cut properly, etc. in classic Ben Heck fashion. The final result looks probably 400x better than a normal Atari 800, and if he sold these, you can bet we'd all be picking up one. Excuse me while I drool some more. Project Page


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