Awesome Tron Legacy billboard! How sexy will Transformers 3 get? Plus when you'll see Tony Stark next...

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Tron Legacy unveiled a dynamic billboard, and Joel Silver talks Logan's Run and Lobo. Jon Favreau talks Iron Man's future. There's a Scott Pilgrim TV spot and Doctor Who clues. Plus Splice, Last Airbender, Fringe, V, True Blood and Nikita.


Tron Legacy:

A new billboard shows us some awesome new light-disc-throwing action. [IGN]

Transformers 3:

It's officially official that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is in this film, replacing Megan Fox. She's on set and everything, and Michael Bay's official site confirms it. And apparently she landed the role by auditioning in sexy lingerie. A source tells Hollywood Life:

Rosie wore a white, see-through lingerie top and panties. Shia [LaBoeuf] was there to run lines with her. It was a formality, she had the part, but she had to meet Shia to see if they gelled. Having her in as little clothing as possible was just the icing on the cake. When she walked down a staircase in that outfit - wow.

So in case you're wondering what sort of character Huntington-Whiteley is playing, wonder no longer. [TFW2005 and Hollywood Life]

The Avengers:

We won't be seeing Tony Stark again until this movie, reveals Jon Favreau. There won't be any Tony cameos in Thor or Captain America at all. He adds:

I'm not sure where The Avengers goes. There is no shooting draft written yet. It's gonna be a big undertaking for Marvel to actually incorporate what happened in 'Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, The Hulk. All that has to inform one unified vision in The Avengers. It's a very exciting prospect. And certainly, Tony Stark is not going to be involved in any of the movies until that one.

[Comic Book Movie]

The Last Airbender:

Here are two more pics from this live-action adaptation. [IGN]

The Sorcerer's Apprentice:

Here are some new wig-tastic stills. [IGN]

Super 8:

That Bad Robot production that put out a casting call for two 13-year-old boys and a 13-year-old girl the other day? Apparently it's actually a remake of 1980 teen sex comedy Little Darlings, about two girls competing to be the first to lose her virginity at summer camp. Or is it? This could be another J.J. Abrams fake-out. [The Playlist]


Logan's Run:

The script for this remake is in the works, and if it ever gets made, it'll be a big spectacle, shot in 3-D, says producer Joel Silver. Carl Erik Rinsch is attached to this film, but he's also supposed to direct 47 Ronin, Creature From The Black Lagoon and the feature-length version of his short The Gift. And Silver says he still wants to make a Lobo movie, and it would be shot in 3-D as well. They did a Lobo test and it was very impressive. Too bad Guy Ritchie is busy working on Sherlock Holmes 2. [MTV]



There are tons of reviews for this gene-splicing horror film out now, and they reveal some plot details. Clive's the more straightforward of the two researchers, motivated by "male animal passion," but Elsa's motives are complex and have to do with her childhood damage. They've been featured in Wired Magazine and want to move into a fancy new loft. They've synthesized a protein which can cure almost any illness that plagues wild animals, and they've promised their backers they can do the same for humans. But the backers yank the funding, leaving Clive and Elsa carrying on their research secretly in the company basement. Clive doesn't realize at first that Elsa has added human DNA to the mix.


At one point, Elsa says, "If you could understand crazy, it wouldn't be crazy."

Before they create the human-animal hybrid Dren, Clive and Elsa first create two amorphous blobs, named Fred and Ginger, which have no human DNA in them. Dren starts out as a similar-looking blob, but then grows rapidly. Clive can't decide whether to kill off Dren, but Elsa is fiercely protective. And Elsa tries to mother Dren in a very non-traditional but psychotic way. Dren has a phallic "stinger," and her ostrich legs can sprout wings. To keep Dren safe, the duo take her to a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, which brings up unpleasant childhood memories for Elsa. But Dren quickly becomes bored.


Several characters die, and their deaths are sort of swept under the rug. And three-quarters of the way through, it turns into a more traditional monster movie. The way in which Elsa is punished for meddling with nature is very gender-specific. There's a "just plain wrong" scene that will gross out audience members.

[IGN and Flick Filosopher and Bellingham Herald and Gwinnett Daily Post and Orlando Sentinel and Huffington Post and Fangoria]


Adrien Brody explains the main characters:

It's these two young, successful, ambitious people who, one wants to be a parent, the other isn't ready for that in their career. They're kind of thrust into this situation where they become parents, so to speak, and then there's the dynamic of the mother giving the attention to the infant and the father being deprived, and then it changes as the girl grows to maturity and leans towards her father on many levels. I love that. I loved it. And progressively, it becomes more and more messed up.


[Teen Hollywood]

Director Vincenzo Natali talks about how the film's ending changed in rewrites:

I will say this, until the later drafts of the script, but in previous versions Clive had survived. He and Elsa end up going to lab together to start a new project and I ultimately felt that wasn't written, that Clive had to be punished. He crossed a line and there was no way we could allow him to survive. Somehow with Elsa I was a little more forgiving.



Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World:

OMG! Here's the first TV spot for this film, which I saw during the Daily Show the other night.

Doctor Who:

Here are a few more images from episode 10, "Vincent and the Doctor". [BlogtorWho]
[gallery 5553995]


Writer Richard Curtis says he had to rewrite his "Vincent and the Doctor" script after being told that it started off too slow and the Doctor was too chatty.

I remember I was told, when I first handed in my first draft, the Doctor talked too much and that I should go back and watch some of the episodes and see that actually he was rather efficient in the way that he talked... I was told the beginning was too slow, that when he met Vincent it wasn't cute enough.



And here's an interview with Curtis, including a few snippets of footage. [BlogtorWho]
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Apparently one of Van Gogh's paintings has a prophecy that has some bearing on the season finale. In which Cleopatra pays a surprise visit to some Roman soldiers in Britain, and nearby Stonehenge is the hiding place of the Pandorica, which River Song describes thusly: "A bog, a cage, a prison, it was built to contain the most feared in all the universe." [Dark Horizons]

Also the Daily Star confirms what we've all though — Rory will be back in the final two-parter. [Digital Spy]



What's next in this show's third season? Let the Fringe Division enlighten you. [SpoilerTV]


When the show comes back, it'll pick up right where it left off, and the storytelling will speed up, giving us lots of answers. Says producer Scott Rosenbaum:

We're going to learn why the Vs are here, all the mythology of what they're doing here, how they got here ... what they specifically want from us and how this upcoming battle is going to play out. You'll see different fronts or parts of the war begin in Season 2 - not an all-out attack, because that's not Anna's style.


[TV Guide]

The Gates:

Here are a couple of new clips from this "Desperate Housewives by way of Dean Koontz" show, launching June 20.

True Blood:

Episode three contains THE most twisted sex scene in television history. Also, in the first few episodes, a major character is shot in the forehead, but there's a catch. [EW]


Andy comes up with a pretty hilarious way for Jason to avoid suspicion that he shot Eggs. It's sort of a mantra. [TV Guide]


Maggie Q's Nikita is bent on taking down the Division, an organization that turns criminals into killers for hire. You'll see former teen stars Lyndsy Fonseca and Shane West in a new light — and it may remind you a bit of Dollhouse. [TV Guide]



Tom Welling says we'll "have to" see more of the iconic Superman suit in the show's (hopefully) final season, but we may or may not see Clark suit up completely. [Fancast]


Additional reporting by Kelly Faircloth.



As much as I like looking at gorgeous women in lingerie, I don't think I agree with Michael Bay's casting methods.