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We may earn a commission from links on this page


We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Well, we're down to the final few hours before the RIM vs. NTP cat fight gets crucial. With 81 percent of businesses reporting that their Blackberries are invaluable to making their thumb-typing employees look like total assholes everywhere they go, this is big news. The issue now is whether the judge forces an injunction on RIM, thereby shutting down their entire network, until they settle.

The stakes are comparatively high, especially considering NTP is nothing more than a boil on the ass of patent law. The company, which owns patents—that's right, that's all they do—originally wanted $1 billion. They've decided to drop that claim to about $450 million, enough to get the entire staff of NTP sex-reassignment surgery and a new Miata.

Although I've never loved the Blackberry, this whole case reminds us that patent law is broken. NTP is making dubious claims, RIM is throwing its weight around like a mini-Microsoft, and both parties are milking this for all the free publicity it's worth. Kinda makes me ill.


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