B.O.B. Ironman Jogging Stroller Won't Slow Your Roll

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I am quite fat. After the birth of my daughter, I packed on 20 pounds because I have no time for anything but work, childcare, and delicious chocolate cake dipped in beer. I need a jogging stroller.

Why It Matters

Most working parents have very little time to do anything for themselves, including exercise. But a jogging stroller lets you kill two elephants with one shotgun blast. First, you can spend time with your child, who will perhaps even sneak in a nap. Second, you get to raise your heartrate and sweat and burn off all that chocolate cake. If you didn't know (because you are baby-less), B.O.B. is a major player in the jogging stroller market—this is their Usain Bolt. At 23 pounds, it's B.O.B.'s lightest, sleekest, fastest-moving ride. It's designed for running, not "running" around town.


Using It

Put baby in seat. Strap baby in with two simple clicks. Stand behind. Attach leash to wrist. Push! Move legs quickly. Apply brake as necessary.


This thing rolls like Curtis Mayfield circa 1972. It flies. Its ultralight frame and spin-happy hubs make for a delightfully easy ride. I am slow, but it's not because of this stroller—it let me hit a six and a half minute mile pace with as much ease as my jiggly frame would allow.


It has a long leash, so I could push the stroller well out in front of me and then catch up again without worrying about sending the char pour les enfants into a ditch. The huge basket'll hold a diaper kit, your sweats, and whatever gallon of liquid you need to pick up on the way home. There's a foot-action parking brake and a hand brake.

No Like

The front wheel is fixed and doesn't turn; great for running on straightaways, but annoying on twisty trails or even curvy roads. You have to basically pop a wheelie in order to turn. It would be nice if you could lock it or unlock it depending on the terrain.


And although it's super light, it's also quite large, making it a pain in the ass to transport, especially with a kid inside. Getting this thing on or off MUNI, San Francisco's local transportation system, was about as easy as squeezing a brick into a Coke bottle. It's a sports car; not a minivan. But unless all your running routes begin at your front door, this baby doesn't travel well.

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Should I Buy This?

Oh Hell yes, fatty-daddy. Get this. Get it now. Your belly will thank you, and then disappear. I've used a few strollers designed for both everyday use and jogging. The multi-function aspect is great if you're only going to buy one stroller. But if you want a dedicated jogging stroller this is the greatest thing to hit the road since Neal Cassady.


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And fresh air makes baby sleep SO well.....which is the Holy Grail of every new parent because they can sleep when baby sleeps, and there is just never enough sleep that first year.