B&W Zeppelin iPod Dock Blasts The Real Zeppelin

Illustration for article titled B&W Zeppelin iPod Dock Blasts The Real Zeppelin

High-end speaker producer Bowers & Wilkins (known on the street as B&W) is going all Hindenburg on your iPod dock. Named after its obvious inspiration, B&W's Zeppelin is a two-foot-long black ellipsoid with a bundle of goodies hidden inside, including a 5-inch subwoofer, four speakers and an amp that can pump out 100 watts of power. It'll also handle the classic iPod dock jobs like streaming pictures and videos to a TV. For $599, the least B&W can do is guarantee that it won't burst into flames and crash land in your living room. [Sci Fi Tech]


Now this is something i'll definitely be waiting for. It's B&W! You know it's going to sound good.

It's not about the power!...people focus too much about the power(watts). Power ratings are over-rated. It's how good it sounds!