Bacon Ipsum Turns Your Dummy Text Into Yummy Text

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Anyone harnesses the written word for a living is eye-bleedingly familiar with lorem ipsum the long string of Latin jibber-jabber that acts as a placeholder until your actual dictional genius shines through. Good news! It's dead. Bacon ipsum killed it.

Bacon ipsum does pretty much what you'd expect; replace Latin with delicious meaty meat words. Just tell the online dummy text generator how many paragraphs you need and whether you want all meat or meat and filler. If you're having a hard time letting go of the old ways, you can even start with "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet..." before diving into the pork. But tell me you wouldn't rather just dive right into this:

Tail chicken pork corned beef bresaola pork loin. Meatloaf ham corned beef ham hock, pig ground round sausage short ribs fatback. Strip steak ribeye tail flank, t-bone pancetta biltong hamburger ham hock beef ribs tongue. Flank pork loin venison, corned beef shoulder tongue bresaola sirloin pig t-bone ribeye. Sausage beef pork belly short loin, spare ribs pork loin flank short ribs chuck ham venison ground round. Sausage cow short ribs chuck chicken bacon tongue. Bacon shank pork spare ribs ribeye ground round shoulder, bresaola salami ham hock short ribs tongue hamburger fatback tail.


Mmmm... copy. [Bacon Ipsum via Twitter]