We’ve all had flying toys that don’t actually fly. From little tin planes to hulking Millennium Falcon replicas, it’s fun to imagine if the toy worked like the real thing. Well, one anonymous quadcopter enthusiast didn’t imagine with his new Hasbro First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter. He made it fly.


A mysterious tinkerer that goes by woodpiece on Imgur recently uploaded a photo set showing how he converted the new Hasbro toy into a operational quadcopter. The process actually appears to be pretty simple, though it does involve some drilling and a 3D printer. Otherwise, the Star Wars enthusiast simply strapped a couple of rotor arms to the toy and cut out a slot on the radiator so that the propellors could spin.

Illustration for article titled Badass Toy Hacker Converts Hasbros New TIE Fighter Into a Flying Drone

The pictures aren’t nearly as impressive as the video, however. All this little guy needs now is some guns, and it can defend this massive, homemade Star Destroyer drone.

[Imgur via Daily Dot]

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