Enter a Morphinominal New Era of Power Rangers With the First Trailer for Beast Morphers 

Times are changing in the wild world of the Power Rangers. The series is not just coming off 25th anniversary celebrations, but transitioning to new ownership, under the auspices of toy giant Hasbro. For the first season of the show under Hasbro’s watch, however, Power Rangers is reaching back into the recent past—and…

Hellboy, Waffle Makers, Overwatch Nerf Blasters, and More of the Most Collectible Toys of the Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's weekly round up of all things fun, collectible, and frivolous. San Diego Comic-Con is but a distant memory at this point, but thankfully there’s still plenty of toy news to be had. Lego’s still pumping out new sets, Jell-O’s trying its hand at making edible toys, and we’ve got some fun…

Mego Makes a Nostalgic Return, and More of the Best Toys of the Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's weekly round up of the toys that we’ll be buying immediately after we’re done staring at everything at San Diego Comic-Con next week. While there’s all that ahead of us, right now we’ve got Lego Movie 2 sets, a very stylish Half Life hero, and, as always, adorable porgs. Check it out!

The Most Awesome Toys and Collectibles That Will Destroy Your Wallet at San Diego Comic-Con 2018

If you’ve heard a rumbling sound recently, it’s probably the tumultuous herald announcing that, oh god, San Diego Comic-Con is next week. That doesn’t just mean new trailers, crazy cosplay, and wild panels, though; it means there will be so many cool and expensive toys you can try and get. Here’s a few (dozen) of our…

The Animated Justice League Assembles, and More of the World's Finest Toys of the Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's regular round up of the coolest toys we’ve seen on this here internet lately. This week: Comic-Con exclusive mania continues, Fantastic Beasts finds itself an extremely clever Lego set, and the best incarnation of the Justice League assembles on your toy shelf. Check it out!

Transforming Dino-Cassettes Join a Retro '80s Bumblebee For This Comic-Con Exclusive

It’s hard to lament Comic-Con’s lack of focus on actual comic books when the convention also brings us some of the best and exclusive collectible toys of the year. In addition to new figures of Star Wars’ latest heroes, Hasbro will be tapping Transformers fans’ wallets with a new Bumblebee set featuring a retro gold…

The PS4 Spider-Man Heads to Your Toy Shelf, and More of the Most Spectacular Toys of the Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's regular round-up of all the shiny things we’ve wanted to spend our savings on recently. This week, we’ve got some very cool Voltron, Star Wars, and Batman Beyond toys heading to San Diego Comic-Con, a lovely little Pokémon pal, and a most impressive Sith Lord. Check it out!

Hasbro Is Bringing Some of the Star Wars Comics' Best New Characters to Comic-Con

Marvel’s Star Wars comics have given us some delightful new characters over the past few years, but none have been taken to quite like the intrepid archaeologist Dr. Aphra (one-time associate of Darth Vader himself) and her killer droid pals, Triple Zero and BT. Now, for the first time, they’re all coming to action…

Hasbro Just Bought the Power Rangers Franchise From Haim Saban for an Absurd Amount of Money

Earlier this year, Saban Brands made the surprise announcement that Hasbro was taking over the merchandising license for the Power Rangers franchise in western markets, but as it turns out, that was only the beginning. Today, Hasbro announced that it has agreed to purchase the rights to the entire Power Rangers