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Ballistic Bookbag, Bullet-Proof Back-Pack

Illustration for article titled Ballistic Bookbag, Bullet-Proof Back-Pack

These bullet-proof backpacks are claimed to offer as much protection from a shooting as police armor, but at one tenth of the weight. They're aimed at kids, to protect them from all the dangers that 21st-century schooling entails. One immediate problem I see is that it will only protect you if you're shot in the back, at just the right height. Check out a video after the jump.

It's suggested that they could be used as shields, but this will only work if you are faster than a moving bullet—there's only one man who is, and he doesn't need to worry about being shot. Perhaps the only way to be truly safe is for kids to climb totally into the bags. The range start from $175, and should calm even the most paranoid parents, if they can get their kids to carry the fugly things, that is. [Popgadget]


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sammy baby

Bear in mind that it's a school bag. As in, it'll probably have at least one textbook and/or notebook in it.

The fabric will (in theory) stop the round from penetrating, but I'd bet money that the presence of a couple big hardbound books underneath it would disperse the impact over a wider area pretty effectively.