Ballistic Device Launches Analog Text Messages

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the text message, legendary notebook company Moleskine has come out with a limited edition notebook that becomes a ballistic device for launching mini (printed) text messages.


Each notebook is filled with perforated pages of short printed notes, which are sent—launched, really—by the elastic-band slingshot on the book's cover. The maximum range for these messages is about 5.14m, so Moleskine SMS isn't exactly going to replace your usual texting device, but that doesn't mean you won't find a great way to use it. (Ahem: office cubicles, college classes...)

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The limited edition notebooks are being presented in Milan for Design Week as part of "Hacked, 100 Hours of Rebel Creativity," and are available for purchase online through Moleskine's web store. [Acquire via Moleskine]


Lame. I can't believe this device made it on Gizmodo in the first place. How many notebooks have that elastic rubber to help hold the notebook closed? TONS. This idea is so pathetic and unoriginal.