Ballmer Scores a Fusion Hybrid From Ford CEO

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Today over in Redmond, Ford CEO Alan Mulally handed Steve Ballmer the keys to a light blue metallic Ford Fusion Hybrid not coincidentally rigged up with Microsoft's Sync system. Unfortunately, at that moment, I was too far off to hear what they were saying. Any guesses?


Update: Our friend Todd at TechFlash just posted a longer piece from the same event, in case you want to hear Ballmer and Mulally mulling over the future of cars and tech. (Hint: They will coexist profitably.)


so I went and looked at one this weekend, though they did not have a hybrid in stock. The salesman told me about how great the sync works and how it could bluetooth my music right from my iphone. So I said, let try it, and he responded, NOW? It did not work and then after about 5 minutes, he said he had heard it might not work with an iphone. I was polite and drove the car. When I got back they tried to work a "deal" at $3,995 over invoice. I about shit myself and told the guy I was pissed that they were wasting my time after I called and they stated they sell them for MSRP. Later the salesman, who doesn't even have a car to sell me right now, tries to negotiate more, unfortunately Ford lost my business within 2 seconds of the guy being a car salesman. In the days of the internet, cell phones, etc, why do they pull this BS? I guess this is why Ford is making money, cause they feed you a line trying to make you panic and then mark the car up an ungodly amount before giving you a special "deal" at MSRP. Neat car and concept but it is a Ford and I can't seem to get over that right now!