Band of the Day for iPhone: It's Like MySpace Music, but In a Good Way

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It's a cold day in the life, so you've decided you need yet another music discovery app. One that gives an ear to lesser known talent. You hipster you. Well, Band of the Day lets you listen to some admittedly cool below-the-radar bands and learn all about them.


What's it do?

Band of the Day, by 955 Dreams, is a subscription service that tries to find a niche in the ever-expanding music app space by giving you a chance to listen to a new band each day.These are bands that are surely trying to get some heat going, so the app is a decent place to start. I say it's "the new MySpace" not to say its some sad facsimile of a dead social network, but rather to give an idea of just how much you can find in it. The first thing you'll see is a calendar showing up-and-coming acts attached to a day. You can then explore everything from their reviews, tracks, and albums all while listening to their songs. And if you miss a band, you can always go straight back to the calendar and explore some more. All this comes for $1 a month or $10 a year, which is pretty damn good for what you'll get after 365 days.


Why do we like it?

You can tell how much time and love went into the app just by how good it looks. Everything transitions really nicely between the calendar and all the different options in front of you. And the bands they showcase are pretty decent—heavy on the indie right now, but only because the app is so young. While the reviews and Q&A's are probably as bad as Rolling Stone's worst, it's hard to fault that when there's just so much to scroll through and learn about. It's engaging enough to make you want to learn something new, and then have you mindlessly scroll through some other bands just for the hell of it. It's all good and really worthwhile. And it's cheap, with lots of added value over time. Really, it's a great little companion for whatever service—Spotify, MOG, etc.—you use for your already-fine-tuned tastes.

Illustration for article titled Band of the Day for iPhone: Its Like MySpace Music, but In a Good Way

Band of the Day

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