Bang & Olufsen Clock Radio d'Art

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I had to look at this product for a few minutes, then ask the guy at the store what it was before I figured out the new BeoSound 3 is a clock radio with FM tuner and SD card reader to play the rest of your digital music. No wires on this baby, it runs off a rechargeable battery and is encased in an anodized aluminum cabinet. Let me say that again for all you materials design fetishists: anodized aluminum. The time shows through the top part of the grill and there is a handle in case you want to drag your most expensive clock radio around. All the controls are on the top too. The motorized antenna rises automatically when the radio is turned on (but there is no AM, so you can forget about Air America and baseball games). B&O even included a wall bracket so you can hang this on the wall next to your velvet Elvis with the teardrop painting. Just $850, available this month.


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