Thinking that Banksy is cool has become so mainstream that it's almost not cool anymore. But Banksy has never been more mysterious as his street art still magically manifests out of nowhere. And how many of his pieces have you seen? And where oh where can you even see them? This iPhone app tells you where.

What's it do?

Banksy-Locations keeps you "in the know" with all the Banksy art around town. The app will give you the location of his pieces and spit out directions so you can see it live and in person. If you're not near any of his street art or are just an incredibly lazy human being, there's videos and a gallery of Banksy art and installations for you to digitally check 'em out too. There's "news updates" on all the going ons with Banksy too.


Why do we like it?

It's Banksy! And you can think of the app as a sort of "guide to seeing what the guy who everyone talks about is all about". So if you don't know anything about him, it's a really good primer to become familiar with his stuff. And if you do know him, it's a really great way to get a closer look at the man underneath the mask and hoodie. The app, though a little under-designed, has a charm to it similar to Banksy's understated art. It's modern street art dudes, get to know him even if he does (or doesn't) want you to. [via 148apps]


Download this app for:

The Best

It's Banksy!

The Worst

Not perfect for small towns


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