Barbarella Lives Again

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The on-again, off-again revamp of sexy space opera Barbarella is apparently heading back into the world of the living, with the news that a writer has been hired to get a script ready to shop around studios. But... why?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, screenwriter Joe Gazzam - a newcomer who's previously worked with John Carpenter on the still-in-preproduction Riot - has been brought onto the project by producers Dino and Martha De Laurentiis and director Robert Luketic (21, Monster-In-Law), to write a script that will then be used to sell the movie to interested studios.

The new take is being described as sexy, but not campy, which makes us wonder why they're bothering; the idea that they'd rather "focus... on the adventure" aspect of the story makes us feel as if they've missed the entire point of the character. No-one remembers the plot of the Jane Fonda movie, we only remember the outfits, the theme music and that freaky blind angel dude. What's the point of playing that kind of material straight?


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