BarbieGirls MP3 Player Unlocks Chat Rooms, Content, Peer Pressure

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These BarbieGirls MP3 players are bizarre for more than their creepy doll shape: Apparently they are designed to teach your kids about exclusion and peer pressure. When you plug the $59.99 device into the included dock, they unlock exclusive content and chat rooms that only other kids with dolls can access, making them a My-First-Country-Club gadget as well as a portable music device. And yes, it gets even worse.

The 512MB of internal memory and SD card support players that will also have additional "outfits," which will unlock even more chat rooms. One can only assume that buying even more accessories will get you into even more exclusive chat rooms, until you end up virtually discussing the merits of jelly over peanut butter with the daughters of world leaders and A-list celebrities. [New York Times]