Barigo Clock Weather Station Shows Data with Mysterious Disks

The Barigo Clock Weather Station is a battery-powered device with mysterious, seemingly floating disks that show you the time, temperature and humidity. Encased in clear plastic, the 4-inch clock is available with either brass or nickeled brass dials and base, or you can choose a wooden base. Either way, its unusual analog cylinder form factor might be a fitting contrast to all that other digital paraphernalia you have lying around.


Made in Germany, this thermo-clock probably gives you Celsius readings for the temp, but for us backward Yanks still using the Fahrenheit scale, that might be worth getting used to because this is one clever gadget that would certainly raise an eyebrow or two. Even though it's not using antigravity technology or anything like that, all this techno-goodness doesn't come cheap—it'll cost you $106.


Stylish Baringo Clock Weather Station [TFTS, via Funshop]

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