Barley Trades Creative Control For Ridiculous Ease Of Use

You might be building a website because you want to. You have a vision. You're in the zone. But you might be making a website because you need to, even though you have no idea what you're doing. Services like WordPress and Weebly offer prefab options for this basic user, but even then it's easy to get lost in the weeds.


Barley, a new launch from a company called Plain, is a web editor that allows for direct revision without any type of administrative account or back end. After logging in, a small toolbar allows users to edit their sites directly on the page. The sites are all based on pre-designed templates, but there are some layout options to choose from that can later be revised. It is also possible for users to design pages themselves.

Obviously Barley isn't for someone who wants to dig into deep HTML or CSS, but it could make things easier for a user who just wants their site to exist without looking awful. Barley is $18/month and the price scales up depending on traffic. The service is currently signing up 1,000 businesses a day. Might be a good way to keep costs down or, you know, minimize embarrassment. [TechCrunch]

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Maybe I should use this. I was recently told that my website, which I designed from the ground up, "looks amateurish, like it's from 2000, but I can't tell you why". Thanks for the help, buddy! /sarcasm