BART Tears Down DVD Jon's Apple-Baiting DoubleTwist Ad

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Now we're not saying BART is in cahoots with Apple. What we are saying is, BART took down a legally-purchased ad for having a "too dark" background, and then rejected the same ad when updated with a white background. Hmm.


DVD Jon's doubleTwist ad was a little jab at Apple—the product itself enables flexibility Apple doesn't like, and DVD Jon plopped the ad right next door to the San Francisco Apple store. But the ad is on BART property, legally paid for, and so it's interesting that BART would remove the ad for reasons that are, shall we say, a bit dubious. Apple, of course, is a major BART advertiser, plastering iPod ads all over the transit system.

Of course, it's totally possible that the ad just needs to be transparent or translucent to let light through, and any opaque color would be inappropriate. But it's a little suspicious, no? [Boing Boing Gadgets]