BART Was Just Hacked Again, This Time In Anonymous' Name Update: It Was a Single French Girl

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Someone is keen on continuing Anonymous' crusade against BART in the wake of the agency's cell phone blockage debacle last week. This new hack broke into the BARTpoa website, and exposes the personal data of 102 BART police officers. Updated.

Interestingly, Anon lays no claim to the hack, stating on Twitter that "some random Joe" released the police's information. The release includes names, addresses, email addresses, and passwords. Of course, this can only help their cause. [Pastebin via SFWeekly]


Update: As it turns out, a single French girl is claiming responsibility for today's hack. And it was easy, this being her first hack ever. Going by the AIM handle "Lamaline_5mg," she told SFWeekly that BART had zero security in place to stop her. All she had to do was write a script and break through a single gaping hole in their site.

Lamaline likened BART's action's to that of Egypt's during the Tahrir protests earlier this year. While it should be said that the Bay Area Transit police isn't quite an autocratic regime bent on quelling any and all opposition, the parallel reactions to the Egyptian protests and those that followed Charles Blair Hill's death last month can't be ignored either. But the world is clearly watching. [SFWeekly]

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to the folks out there who likens a western world protest "against the man" or looting "to rage against the [insert: machine, evil corporations, politicians, bears]" to that of the shit taking place in Syria or Egypt or anywhere else for that matter.....go buy more skinny pants and drink less lattes....until BART police starts shelling you or raining bullets into your anarchist hipster dbag face or detains you indefinitely.....I dont want to hear how this is like the situation in the middle east or anywhere else....rule of thumb...if you can protest/riot...then go back home and catch yourself on TIVO on the local 10 o'clock....youre most likely not "fighting the cause"...


the dude who got a regular 9 to 5 working as hard as he can to put food in family's mouth and who was delayed an hour due to protests.